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Students in the waiting room sofa

Soon closing for Christmas...

The Student Health Unit will close for Christmas on Dec. 12 and reopens Jan. 7, 2015.

The latest telephone hour and walk-in reception this semester is held on Dec. 11.


Welcome to the Student Health Unit

The Student Health Unit offers health services for students at the Stockholm University and associated colleges.

Counselling is free of charge.

Study guide

In the long run, it is vital to create a structure for your everyday life as a student. Studying must take place in the context of other important activities such as friends, work, relaxation etc.

The study guide will help you find a way of planning your studies that works for you.

Take a test on drinking habits

The Alcohol Profiler offers an opportunity to assess your drinking habits as well as to compare yourself with others. The test consists of 14 questions.