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Två glada studenter i Studenthuset

Closed for summer

The Student Health Services are closed for summer from June 13 and will open again on August 24.

For information during summer visit the Health care guide. You can always dial 1177 and talk to a nurse for advice.

The website is under reconstruction...

.. during summer.

About the Student Health Unit

The student health services is a complement to the public health-care available to residents in Sweden. Health services are offered for students at Stockholm University and associated colleges. Any health-related problem can be discussed.

Health services are free of charge.

Study guide

In the long run, it is vital to create a structure for your everyday life as a student. Studying must take place in the context of other important activities such as friends, work, relaxation etc.

The study guide will help you find a way of planning your studies that works for you.