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Welcome to the Student Health Unit

The student health services is a complement to the public health-care available to residents in Sweden. Health services are offered for students at Stockholm University and associated colleges. Any health-related problem can be discussed. Consultation is given at walk-in receptions. At the end of September, a web portal for booking of appointments for consultation will be launched.

Counselling can also be provided - a few appointments with a psychologist or psychotherapist. For counselling, make a call during telephone hours.

Consultation and counselling is free of charge.

Summer holiday coming up

The Student Health Unit will be closed for summer from June 13.

  • Last walk-in reception on June 2.
  • Last telephone hour on June 9.

Appointment web portal

Questions like What to do?, How to do it?, Where to go? or a need of temporary support or advice? Nurses and counsellors at the student health services are available for shorter talks at the walk-in reception or after making an appointment in the web portal.

Study guide

In the long run, it is vital to create a structure for your everyday life as a student. Studying must take place in the context of other important activities such as friends, work, relaxation etc.

The study guide will help you find a way of planning your studies that works for you.