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Soon closing for Christmas...

The student health services closes for Christmas on Dec. 15 and re-opens on Jan. 11. Please do not wait until the last minute, contact the health services as soon as possible.

The latest walk-in reception: Dec. 10

The latest telephone hour: Dec. 15

An appointment for consultation can also be booked via the web portal.


Welcome to the Student Health Unit

The student health services is a complement to the public health-care available to residents in Sweden. Health services are offered for students at Stockholm University and associated colleges. Any health-related problem can be discussed. Consultation is given at walk-in receptions. At the end of September, a web portal for booking of appointments for consultation will be launched.

Counselling can also be provided - a few appointments with a psychologist or psychotherapist. For counselling, make a call during telephone hours.

Consultation and counselling is free of charge.

Appointment web portal

Questions like What to do?, How to do it?, Where to go? or a need of temporary support or advice? Nurses and counsellors at the student health services are available for shorter talks at the walk-in reception or after making an appointment in the web portal.

Telephone disruptions

Unfortunately, there are disruptions on some of the telephones. A message left on an answering machine might not be saved, a problem that will not become immediately evident. At other times, something is clearly out of order. If you experience problems, try making the call on telephone hours or to another person in the staff.

Study guide

In the long run, it is vital to create a structure for your everyday life as a student. Studying must take place in the context of other important activities such as friends, work, relaxation etc.

The study guide will help you find a way of planning your studies that works for you.