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Nurses' appointment web portal

The online appointment scheduling form can be used for booking a health-talk with nurse in Studentpalatset. The text of the web portal is in Swedish. Please read the instructions below before you use the web portal.

The web portal can be used by students at Stockholm University and associated colleges.


No log-in procedure is necessary.

To narrow the search parameters:

Please choose a period of time during which you wish to make your appointment:

  • "Tidigast den" is the earliest possible weekday
  • "Senast den" the latest weekday.

Please choose type of appointment:

  • "Hälsosamtal Odenplan Studentpalatset": Health consultation with nurse on questions concerning lifestyle, sleep or stress

Appointments will be available two weeks onwards.

After entering your search criteria, choose among the appointments available.

In the second part of the web form, all fields marked by an asterisk must contain correct information.

"Personnummer*": Your Swedish social security number. If you do not have the last four digits, simply write -0000 after ÅÅÅÅ-MM-DD (YYYY-MM-DD). The P-number given at the University is not applicable here.

"Förnamn*": Your first name.

"Efternamn*": Your family name.

"E-postadress*": Your email address x 2.

"Telefon": Your telephone number.

"Avd": Please state if you are a student at Stockholm University, or at any of the colleges associated with the Student Health Services.

"Övrig kommentar": Leave it empty.

The button "Boka tid" completes the booking procedure. A window shows your booking confirmation. Should you like to change the appointment, please use the link.

A message saying "Tiden går inte att boka" will tell you that the appointment has already been booked. Please go back and make a new choice of appointment.

An email confirming the appointment is sent. In the email, there is a link to be used if you should wish to change or cancel the appointment.

Information given on the web portal will be encrypted when reaching the Student Health Services' medical record. It will not be saved anywhere outside the medical record. The email confirming the appointment is sent automatically and is not encrypted during internet transmission.

Now, use the link below:

Link to the nurses´webform.

If the browser requests an acceptance of scripts, choose Yes. The web portal might not function properly otherwise.

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No appointments available?

Change the settings "tidigast den" och "senast den" (earliest possible weekday and latest possible weekday). Appointments are published regularly, but not for a longer period than the upcoming two weeks.

If there are no available appointments, please check again in a few days. You are also welcome to visit the walk-in reception in Studenthuset tue-thu 13.00- 15.30.

For whom?

Students at Stockholm University and associated colleges are welcome to use the appointment web portal. Associated colleges are:

  • Balettakademien
  • Beckmans College of Design
  • Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies
  • University of Dance and Circus (DOCH)
  • Försvarshögskolan
  • The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences (GIH)
  • Stockholm School of Economics
  • HV-skola
  • University College  of Arts, Crafts and Design (Konstfack)
  • Royal Institute of Art (Konsthögskolan)
  • Royal Institute of Music (Musikhögskolan)
  • Scandinavian College of Naprapathic Manual Medicine
  • University College of Opera
  • Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts

Students at KTH are welcome at Avonova's student health services.

Students at KI, Södertörn, Ersta Sköndal, Röda Korset and Sophiahemmet are welcome at KI's student health centre.