If you plan to study for more than a year in Sweden, you can apply for a Swedish social security number, regardless of citizenship. Read more about health insurance and medical care in Sweden.

  • For students with a Swedish social security number and/or the European Health Insurance Card, the fee for medical care in public healthcare is 200 - 250 SEK. The high-cost protection for non-institutional healthcare ensures that the maximum fee per year is 1100 SEK.
  • For students without the Swedish social security number or the European Health Insurance Card: You may have to pay the entire cost. Remember to keep all original receipts in order to make an insurance claim.

Public healthcare

General practitioners / Health centres

Information about where to turn to for healthcare  is given b the Stockholm City Council. A first appointment with a doctor is easily available at the Local Health Centre (husläkarmottagning/ vårdcentral). You are free to make your choice among the health centres.

Some centres offer the services of psychologists, counsellors or dietitians.

Sexual health check-ups

Sesam City offers sampling of suspected STI and treatment. There is a walk-in reception if you have no symptoms but are in need of testing. Contraception advice is also provided. Dial 08-22 75 30, press 1 for walk-in reception, press 2 to make an appointment. Sampling, care and treatment are subject to the Communicable Disease Control and therefore free of charge for everyone.